Thursday, March 19, 2009

Why Baby Slings? The Benefits of "Wearing" Your Baby...

Why Baby Slings?
The Benefits of "Wearing" Your Baby...

~~ Baby Slings help you to establish a strong bond between you and your baby
~~ Sling babies are more content, less colicky and cry less
~~ Slings are better for your babies developing spine
~~ Slings are great for premature babies . They are reminded of the womb, the heart beat and movement of their mother. They feel more secure!
~~ Studies have shown that premature babies gain weight faster and are overall healthier when carried in a sling
~~ Using a sling is very versatile and comfortable
~~ You can nurse anywhere in private
~~ Your baby can sleep whenever it needs to without being moved
~~ You read your babies cues easier and react faster to her needs , there for the baby cries less
~~ You have your hands free to tent to other siblings, yourself , your household , shopping or eating for example.
~~ Toddlers can easily be overwhelmed by strange places and feel more confident when carried in the sling
~~ They learn about their environment, get better organized and learn language easier
~~ No bulky car seats to carry around
~~ No strollers are necessary when you go to the Mall , a crowded place or if you are out for a walk or hike in Nature
~~ Traveling with a sling is so much easier then taking a stroller, backpack carrier or car seat!
~~You always know that your baby is close and safe!
~~ In cold winter climate , the sling keeps the baby warm on walks

(I would wear my kids under my jacket in the sling..) and unlike with the backpack carrier, I could see if baby lost his soother, or mitts, if his hat covered his eyes and made him mad or if he still had warm feet.

There are many,many more reasons ....

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