Saturday, June 6, 2009

About my slings

  • The sling can be used from birth up to 35lbs
  • My Slings are made from single layer fabric (unless stated otherwise)
  • Most of the fabrics that I use are made from 100% cotton.
    You will find more information about the content in each listing.
  • The edges and the shoulder pad/pillow have soft Polyester filling .
    It is stitched in so that it doesn't bunch up or move around .
  • A shoulder pad has many functions:
    -It gives you extra comfort on the shoulder .
    -With an infant you can wear the sling upside-down and the shoulder pad acts as a pillow for the infants head.
    -If you carry your infant in the snuggly position ( in front of your chest) the pillow provides extra support to the tiny body , neck and head.
  • The padded edges (1,5 inches )prevent the fabric from cutting into Baby skin. (legs , neck , arms) when the fabric is pulled tight against the baby. Having the fabric pulled tight is necessary for a secure fit when the baby is carried in an upright position or sitting
  • There is enough fabric to cover up when breastfeeding in privacy.
    The sling has a wide middle section .
  • I use quality Nylon and Aluminum rings that went through a whole lot of tests by the Manufacturer(SlingRings)
  • The sling can be machine washed and dried in the Dryer
    (both NOT on hot please!)

  • Please contact me if you have any questions!