Thursday, March 19, 2009

Snuggle Hold

Snuggle Hold

This position is useful from birth to about six month.
During the first two months this position works best if the sling is put on
backwards (pillow in the front).
The pillow is used as extra support for babies head and back.

Put the sling on.
Hold the baby against your left shoulder with your left hand. With your right hand , pull
the edge of the sling up and over the baby.

Bend over slightly, holding baby’s back with your right hand, and with your left hand pull
baby’s feet outside the lower edge of the sling.

Grab a bit of fabric between the baby’s legs and pull it towards you. If the baby is very young
and small he might like to tuck his feet close to his body, leave the feet inside the sling .
Adjust the snugness of the sling so that the baby is securely nestled against your chest.

Be sure that the upper edge of the sling is snug against the baby’s head and neck .
In a properly secure snuggle hold the baby seems to be sitting in a little pouch.

Some babies need the sling very snug or they don’t feel secure
If the backwards positioned sling still feels to loose,
try adding a small folded towel to the pillow.

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