Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How to put your sling on.

Here you will find instructions on how to put your sling on
and the different positions .
Easy to follow and easy to use!!

You will find instructions for these positions

Cradle Hold

Hip Straddle
Snuggle Hold
Kangaroo Carry ( Forward Facing)

Try using the sling without the baby first. Use a stuffed animal or doll to practice.
When you are comfortable with it, try the sling with your baby.
Pick a day when the baby is in a good mood.
Take a deep breath! Relax!!
If you are stressed, your baby could sense it and get cranky.
Give it some time!
Keep in mind that you and your baby have to get used to the sling ! If your baby had enough, try it another time again.
With time the whole process of putting the sling on and baby in it will become so easy, that you could do it in your sleep!

Let's start.....

Decide on which shoulder you want the sling to rest on.
For example, if you are right handed you might prefer to have the
sling on your right shoulder with the rings and tail facing forward

Lift the sling over your head and........let the shoulder pad come to rest on your right shoulder.
For a newborn you can put the sling on” backward” with the shoulder pad in the front
and rings and tail on to of your shoulder.
The shoulder pad acts like a pillow for the babies head.

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