Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hip Straddle

Hip Straddle

This position can be used by 4-6 month or when your baby is able to hold it's head
up without support.
Most people prefer to wear their baby on the hip opposite their dominant hand.
For example: right hip if left-handed, left hip if right-handed.

With your left hand (if you’re right-handed) hold baby high up on your left shoulder.

Using your right hand, reach from underneath the sling, between sling and your body,
for the baby’s feet and pulling them down and over onto your hip.
One leg in the front, the other in the back.
Pull fabric up over babies back and under his bottom.

Supporting baby with your left hand, reach with your right hand between baby’s legs and
grab some fabric, pulling it towards you.
Baby should sit in a pouch!
Pull the top edge of the fabric high on the baby’s back. Adjust the sling. If necessary adjust just the top edge by pulling that part tighter trough the rings to give the baby good support.
If that doesn't give the the result you look for, you might have to take the baby out of the sling and take the tail out of the rings, twist it inwards once, then tread it back through the rings.

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